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CaaS - Client Advisory and Accounting Services

As your vCFO we utilize today's technology and best practices, to provide business and financial services as you need them and, most importantly, when you need them. Be it on site, at your location or remotely from our offices. Your business, like others, cannot necessarily wait for the right moment or the right time to get that next level of financial advice and guidance – with BDS you don't have to wait, now is GO time! Through our flexible service offerings, you use the services you want, to the extent you need them.


We are lightweight and nimble - without the overhead of employees, taxes or benefit costs - we are available to be your financial department, or to supervise, train or enrich what you already have; for as long, or as short as you need us.

Our business network is strong - we solve problems directly, or through our own trusted advisor network, all of which we make available to our Clients.


BDS provides flexible service offerings, building with your company as you grow. Our role is to work with you anywhere along the "journey" from the SEED of an idea to the SUCCESS of a healthy and strong business!

Financial Strategy

From exploring new revenue streams, profitability, and managing financial risks associated with rapid expansion to support during and leading to a "liquidity event"- we have experience across these important CFO functions.

Organizational Support

In growing companies, the CFO's role often extends beyond finance to impact the entire organization. We have experience and can support building of a Management Team (hiring key talent), setting up and optimizing financial systems and controls, and contributing to the overall company culture.

Financial Planning & Analysis

We'll work with you to build financial models, forecasting revenue and expenses, and evaluating the viability of new business opportunities. Do you have the right focus and "key metrics" in place - are your efforts resulting in the outcomes you want and need?!

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About Us

Glenn has spent the past 25+ years helping to grow businesses from concept to  successful venture. He has created and implemented organizational growth through organic, acquisition and funding exercises. Glenn's deep experience in the use of technology and in analyzing and developing original business models, strategic plans, and optimized business processes complements the simultaneous improvement of overall financial performance and efficiency. 

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