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Welcome to Button Down Solutions - "BDS," your trusted financial consulting partner. We pride ourselves on delivering timely and valuable services from start-ups to growth-stage businesses, leveraging our extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients. Our approach is dedicated to providing immediate and long-term value, ensuring your business thrives.


We use our own insights and “lessons learned” to help you maximize your efforts.
Beginning with “what is our goal and how do we get there” we work backwards to determine what is needed and when (and how) we get it. 


Unlike the typical consultant who only provide the blueprint for success, we'll help you execute. We work with existing team members, support hiring the right ones, or help the entire organization organize the activities that get priorities accomplished!
The actual Services delivered will be a function of where your business is NOW and then our discussion and agreement upon where you want to get – and when! 

Based on our initial Health Check we will then determine which of our services are most appropriate.

Fractional CFO

Full-time CFOs can be expensive, especially when your business is not yet ready for one. Our FractionalCFO services offer the flexibility to utilize our expertise on-demand. How we can help:


Senior financial role in organization

• Provides strategic guidance

• Oversees an organization’s financial health, performance, and operations

• Offers financial insight and guidance

• Works remotely using current technology

Whether it's one day per week or one day per month, we adapt to your needs. We prioritize our availability for you, our client, allowing you to call, text, or email us whenever you need assistance - 24/7!


Process Development

If your business often finds itself in the cycle of extensive planning and discussions without tangible outcomes, our Process Development service is here to help. We specialize in implementing effective processes around your meetings and planning sessions to ensure that actions follow promptly, leading to tangible results and accelerated progress. With our expertise, momentum builds, and your business moves forward with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Say goodbye to stagnation and welcome a new era of productivity with our Process Development solutions.


Operational Improvemements

Are outdated practices holding your business back? Don't stay trapped in the past. With our extensive experience across various industries, we bring fresh insights to optimize your operations. By breaking free from old habits, you can accomplish more in a highly effective way, driving your business to new heights of success.


Accounting and Bookkeeping

For when you need the financial foundations set or reset! Our ability to organize, clean up and optimize your financial record-keeping will unlock the vast potential and intelligence of a good set of books.


Forecasting and Planning

While we may not have a crystal ball, our experiences and ability to work with you and model the future is a valuable aspect of our services.

• A one- to three-year forecast,

• An initial financing budget

• A cash flow forecast

• Revenue models for start-up phase

• Cost analysis

By analyzing past data and considering future expectations, we leverage modern tools and available data to help you "see the future." With a well-crafted plan, you can enhance your decision-making and resource usage, driving improved actions and outcomes.


Metrics and Management

What gets measured, improves - it's as simple as that. We understand that you already have abundant data about your business. Our expertise lies in organizing your data into actionable insights. Together, we measure what truly matters, empowering you to make better and more timely decisions.


Diligence Support

When it's time for a liquidity event, we've got your back. As someone who has experienced both selling and buying sides, we provide invaluable support during due diligence. Whether managing your team to produce essential materials or diving in to get things done, our Diligence Support ensures a smooth and successful process for bankers and investors to confirm their insights.


Strategic Advisor

When you need valuable feedback and a fresh perspective to validate your assumptions, our Strategic Advisor service is here to help. Stepping "outside the bubble," we level set your ideas, complementing your point of view. As we understand your business and goals, we become the trusted person you can run ideas past, providing insightful guidance to propel your business forward.

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